Bug Out Survival Show

04th May to 06th May 2019
The survival event for all the family

Never to old and never to young to learn new survival skills

You never know when you may
need them 

Prepare for the worst
Hope for the best


The Bug Out Survival Show 2019
Survival learning for all of your family
Saturday 04th May to Monday 06th May bank holiday weekend

Welcome to the Bug Out Survival Show


The Bug Out Survival Show Ia a  family event weekend for any one who wants 

to come along.

Learn new skills and ideas from experienced Survivalist's, Bushcrafter's and Prepper's who are willing to share the skills and knowledge they have with others.

The B.O.S.S is a weekend for all the family to come and learn new survival skills in all different areas of survival.

Prepping, Bushcraft and survival are in ways different stiles of learning how to stay alive in different situations. Even though they are of different styles of survival they do tend to blend in together with just one goal and  the end result being able to use the knowledge and skills you have to stay alive.

The B.O.S.S is held on the first bank holiday weekend of every May and is a great opportunity for people to come along and learn new skills in all styles of survival while meeting like minded people and making new friends with people of a similar interest.

Feel free to check out the other pages of the B.O.S.S website to learn more about this years

show and activities. 

The Bug Out Survival Show is the Survival Weekend for all the family

Advanced bookings

Pay a five pound deposit per person or in full in advance to guarantee a place, You will be given a reference number to confirm your payment.
Produce  your unique reference number at the gate
on your arrival to the Bug Out Survival show.

To make advanced bookings after looking through the information on the website, go to the contact and fees page here.