Bug Out Survival Show

05th May to 07th May 2018
The survival event for all the family

Ian Coulthard

Hikers Haul of Survival

Ian is a keen out doors man with many years experience of out doors and survival. With 14 years of service with the Army regular and reserve forces he also has a wealth of military experience with two tours of active service, Serving with the Fusiliers and Pioneers as a teem medic in the roles of Force protection in 2010 and as a Logistic driver and gunner in 2013  to be added to his resume.

Ian spends a lot of his spare time learning and practicing his survival skills to ensure he maintains a good level of competence in the art of survival. He also enjoys the out doors as often as he can and going out on long hikes and wild camping where his survival skills such as living of the land with hunting, foraging, building shelters, finding and purifying water and Making fire often come in to effect when he finds him self settling down for the night in some of the most remote places.  

He also enjoys taking his Bug Out Mobile System " B.O.M.S"  for a drive and setting up camp in various locations. In his case it is his Land Rover that he uses for get out fast B.O.M.S.

Ian will be teaching Navigation skills  that will include competent map reading,  finding direction and navigating without a map and compass with night navigation lesson in the evening. 

Ian will also give advise on how to make fire in a survival situation including fire by friction using the bow drill method and also ferrocerium rod with his own made char materiel's and natural tinder's that can be found all around you.




Alex Fell Bowers 



Born in 1972, then at around eight years old his father began to teach him the noble art of boxing. His farther came from a long line of boxers. 

After he had gained a basic proficiency in the techniques his father started to introduce him to some throwing techniques  His Father never referred to the throwing techniques as any style in particular, they were just throws. 

In later years while learning ju jutsu he realised that these throws came from this school of thought and as they were simplified versions of ju jutsu techniques and coupled with a copy of William Fairbairn’s book ‘Get Tough’ the techniques were from Fairbairn’s ‘Defendu’ system. 

 When he was about ten years old his father took him to one of the local karate dojos where he spent many years learning the art of karate and through this art he was introduced to another Okinawan art called Kobudo. For those who don’t know this art covers the weapon techniques from Okinawa. The two arts should be seen as wheels on the same axle. 

When he was about 24 he saw a poster for a local aikido school and he decided to give it a bash. He progressed quite quickly as He had done some ju jutsu and there is quite a close relationship between the two arts as they share a common root. The aikido school was part of a much larger ‘Budo’ (martial tradition) association. In this school students not only had the opportunity to develop their aikido; but ju justsu kobudo, ken/iai jutsu (Japanese sword arts) and jo jutsu (Japanese short staff). The ‘Shihan’ (Chief Instructor) had spent 17 years living and training in Japan with some of the last old school masters and had been an advisor to the ‘Royal protection unit’ and this explained why some of the ‘special guest instructors that we had in every other month were only referred to as ‘coach’. One instructor who turned up one weekend I did know the name of was John lofty Wiseman. 

So where does the art he calls VIKING RUNE FIGHTING come from. 

Well he began training in its parent art in 1995 and he will tell you about it in his introductory class at the Bug Out Survival Show.



Tom Linden

Tom specialises in surviving the Effects of Nuclear weapons and is the UK station manager and HOST for the UK Preppers Radio Network KRPNDB-UK 

Tom has hosted many shows as a speaker on survival and he has headlined many  survival events.

 He began prepping during the late 80's through the "Cold War" and has always understood the need to keep on preparing for the ever more unstable world we live in. It has become a way of life for him and something he enjoys. Tom know's that whatever disaster man made or natural he and his family will have a great start on others who have not prepared.  Tom is a firm believer in the motto prepare for the worst, hope for the best. 

Tom will doing a talk on prepping for a SHTF  situation with a focus on how to survive a

nuclear attack.



Craig Menzies

Craig who is an ex Royal Navy Medical Assistant during his military career was a Royal Marines Commando Medic, Search and Rescue Medic as well as being a sports therapist and owns and runs SHTF Medics. Has been involved in Survival and Austere Medicine for 30 years and has been actively involved in preparedness for the last 20+ years.
Not only does Craig have a wealth of experience in hands on first aid and medicine. 

Craig gives a interesting lesson with some real life stories to tell of his life experiences
that people can take on board to help them understand what a real survival first aid 
situation can be like.

This year Craig is going to be teaching survival medicine. Including observation and treatment.



Ryan Kirke

Ryan is our youngest member of the team who is a serving member of the Armed forces with the Scots Guards.

He came on board last year as a instructor giving a really well presented and informative lesson on knife and axe  maintenance.

Ryan is a out door activities instructor and is a keen bushcraft survivalist who I have spent 

quite a bit of time with wild camping, practicing and testing different methods of survival and bushcraft skills. Ryan is very experienced for his young age and people who meat him often say he is way ahead of his years and his lessons last year brought really good and positive reactions to the BOSS.

Ryan will be giving a lesson this year again on Knife and axe maintenance. How to look after the steal. How to sharpen you're knife and axe using different types of stones with some history on how the axe evolved. 



Paul Wilson

Paul has a great passion hunting and foraging and runs his own pest control and wildlife management company . With over 30 years of trapping / hunting / pest control and 25 years prepping behind  him Paul will give you some basic knowledge and traditional skills of 

trapping, snaring and netting small game. He will also show you how to ferret for rabbits with purse and long nets, and how to set traps for rats and mice around your chicken run and homes. He will also demonstrate how he  hunts using Harris hawks giving you the chance to get up close and fly or hold one of the hawks (conditions permitting). 

Paul says the skills you take away from the Bug out survival show is only the beginning of your trapping training skills and can then be continued and practiced at home so in a SHTF  

situation you will have the ability to catch squirrel, wood pigeon and also small game from your back yard and the land around you with air guns, traps and nets. 

Paul also uses working dogs like (Tom the whippet). Tom works with Paul on all his rabbit and squirrel control work and will give you a better idea on the type dog you will need if disaster strikes. HUNTING DOG OR SECURITY DOG?  You will need to make your own mind up. 

Keep a look out for more updates on team members to come.